Send your equipment to CSY & SON, Official YAESU Service Center

CSY & SON SRL is the Official YAESU Service Centre, only accepts repairs for YAESU equipment, under warranty and out of warranty. Radio equipment not older than 20 years is accepted.

For repairs to equipment over 20 years old, please contact us to evaluate the feasibility of the service.

All YAESU radios that require repair, whether during the warranty period or not, can be sent directly to our service centre. After reading this information, click on the bar below and accept the conditions set out, you will reach a form that must be completed in its entirety and automatically sent by clicking on "Send your repair to the laboratory". The form will be sent directly to the acceptance service, which will be waiting to receive the radio for the intervention.

Shipping address:

CSY & SON SRL - Laboratorio Tecnico
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 7
21030 Azzio (VA) - ITALY
Ph. +39 0332 631 331



The service provided for repairs under warranty is normally carried out within 5 working days, in the event that it becomes necessary to use a spare part not currently available in stock, the customer will be promptly informed of the delay, after CSY & SON SRL has contacted the Yaesu spare parts service in Japan and after receiving confirmation of the availability and delivery time of the spare part.

The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping to our laboratory, the shipment is at the customer's expense and risk, we recommend using tracked and express shipments. The cost of returning the product, which will be carried out by means of a tracked and insured express courier, will be borne by our Assistance Centre.



Radios out of warranty provide a check-in time of 3 days, during this period our laboratory takes note of the radio, cost the conditions and reserves the right to accept the repair. If the radio is not accepted (ex. radio serviced by unqualified personnel, or irreparable) the customer will be promptly notified.

We automatically proceed to the intervention only for radios with failures costing less than € 100.00 + VAT, for all other cases is our concern to notify the customer and estimate the cost. Usually A COST FOR THE CHECK-IN OF € 30,00 including VAT is APPLIED. This cost is cancelled in case the intervention is performed.


It is suggested to send only the radio, without cables and without microphone, our laboratory is equipped with every type of power cable and microphone for all necessary tests.

For each repair carried out, our laboratory issues an Intervention Report and with it all the faulty spare parts replaced during the intervention, detailing on the report all that was necessary to carry out to bring the radio back into operation.

At the end of the intervention, a complete test is always carried out to certify the correct functioning of the radio.

Each technical intervention carried out by CSY & SON SRL is guaranteed for a period of 3 months from the date of the technical report.