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CSY & SON's Special Gift

CSY & SON is pleased to present the new offer "CSY & SON's Special Gift", the details of the offer are as follows:

Products covered by the offer and their cash back:

> FT-991A: free gift certificate of € 50

> FT-857D: free gift certificate of € 50

> FT-818ND: free gift certificate of € 50

Validity: from 6th May 2019 to 30th June 2019

Read the terms of the offer:


DR-2XE Installation Support Program

CSY & SON is glad to announce the new promotional campaign "DR-2X Installation Support Program”, this new program offers two different options to customers willing to buy the new DR-2XE.

Option 1: Purchasing a DR-2XE repeater within 30th June 2019, there is an immediate discount of € 300.00 on the price.

Option 2: In the case the customer owns a DR-1XE, he/she can trade-in the old DR-1XE for the new DR-2XE, by trading-in the repeater the end-user receives an additional support, a cash back of € 300.00. The DR-1XE must be good conditions and perfectly working. The € 300.00 cash back is an additional support to the € 300.00 immediate rebate, the cash back will be issued only after a complete check of the DR-1XE.

Products covered by the promotion: DR-2XE

Amount of the rebate (cashback): up to € 600.00

Valid: until 30th June 2019

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What is the cashback?

Cashback is a promotion strategy that consists in reimbursing the customer, after the latter has completed the purchase procedure and is actually in possession of the product, for a part of the price paid for the product. This procedure allows the final customer to enjoy a real discount which, if not applied directly to the retailer's purchase price, would lose its effectiveness. In the case of Yaesu's cashback campaigns, the refund varies according to the product and can be made by direct bank transfer to the account indicated by the buyer at the cashback request stage, or by sending a bank cheque issued by Yaesu UK to your home.

I purchased the product during the offer period, how can I request my cashback?

To request the cashback simply download the request form corresponding to the offer of your product. The form is in. pdf format and is available on this page. The form contains all the details for the request.

Who can take advantage of the cashback?

Cashback campaigns are applicable to private customers, associations or amateur radio groups.

Who can't take advantage of the cashback?

Resellers and companies are not eligible for cashback promotions. It should be remembered that the natural or legal person to whom the document issued as a receipt of purchase invoice or tax receipt is issued is authentic.

How will the accessory I have chosen be delivered to me?

YAESU UK will send you the documentation required to request the free accessory within 8 weeks after sending the selected accessory to the address provided in the form.

For more details about cashbacks please write an email to info@csyeson.it