Our History

CSY A story of passion and professionalism since 1986.

Since its inception in 1986, our company is inextricably linked to the world of amateur radio. Thanks to the passion and the constant commitment first of a man whose callsign gave the name to the company and afterwards as the result of a teamwork that has supported the growth of the company, CSY & SON affirmed its leadership in the amateur radio market. The company started as a repair shop and began his activity with the trading of refurbished equipment and attending to all the amateur radio fairs in Italy. These great experiences and the high contact with customers, helped the team of CSY & SON to know and understand the needs of the customers. This particular attention of the end user’s needs is one of our most important guidelines that makes our customers like friends who share the same passion. Exactly at the end of the ‘80s CSY started its first marketing actions. When the age of the Internet was just a dream far from being realized, he created his first "CSY Magazine of the used equipment" that he sent to all its customers through the postal service. After almost thirty years some customers still jealously retain these nice memorabilia.

The need of enstabilish a costant direct contact with customers, not only during the ham show, motivated CSY to open its first store. The purpose of this store was not only to provide a reliable point of sale but also a location where amateurs meet with other amateurs for a coffee and a chat. It was a success. Meet for an exchange of experiences, without any obligation to buy but only to cultivate the Ham Spirit, a tangible sign of the true amateur, was appreciated by many. Even today CSY & SON reserve an area of ​​the showroom to the meeting and exchange of ideas between OM and sympathizers, as well as the best wishes in occasion of the festivities.

The company continued its grow but it was at the top of the success that the birth of SON, very traumatic, forced CSY to leave with a heavy heart for a time his amateur radio activities. Having overcome the difficulties of the family, CSY returned more ready than ever to its activities. To strengthen his position there were the devoted customers and friends that had never abandoned him. His enthusiasm peaked when the ham passion arrived to Marco (Son), who followed with great enthusiasm his father’s footprints. Commitment, sacrifice, professionalism and desire to keep pace with the times allowed to achieve great results.

CSY & SON is proud to have passed successfully its geographic boundaries and to offer its expertise not only for the sale of used equipment but as well as European distributor of a leading brand in the industry, Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd. It is also proud to have improved his lab with the status of Official Service Center for Yaesu Musen Co. Ltd.


Our mission

CSY & SON European leader in the industry is committed to offering its customers its expertise, commitment and professionalism in order to give them a product that suits their needs and meet their expectations. An happy "Old Man", is a friend.


Our principles

The principles of our company aim to provide the highest benefit to the customers, the can be summarized as:

Certainty of the quality and safety of the brand we sell.

Respect and seriousness. We offer it through all our staff.

Commercial commitment to give a prompt information to our customers of all news and changes of our brand on the market.


The Company’s structure:

Technical area

Our technical department controls the quality of the goods, organizes and coordinates the handling of both incoming and outgoing products. We use certified control processes, each product that enters in our laboratory for technical assistance is cataloged and managed with bar code until the final tests and the dispatchment. The equipment used is high technology equipment with Yaesu we have standard operating procedures with high quality certificates.


Marketing & Sales

We put a particular attention to the sales and marketing departments in order to enhance the brand we represent. These are the branches that connect our internal operations with the end users. They have a key role in the study and promotion of the products on the continent and in planning and choosing the distribution partners but also in projecting special offers both for the consumers and dealers in order to achieve our company goals. These two fundamental components of the company are personally supervised by the company director.


Financial area

In the financial area take place the processing of the financial plan, the coordination of relations with dealers, customers and banks, and the preparation of the financial statements. Last but not least this area agrees with Yaesu the annual budget and the goals to be achieved in the years to come, this delicate and particular function is managed today personally by our CEO.