About Us

   Our history                                                                                     

      CSY A story of passion and professionalism, since 1986.

Since its inception in 1986, our company has been inextricably linked to the world of radio. Thanks to the passion and constant commitment, first of a man whose name gave the company its name and later of a team that supported its growth, CSY & SON affirmed its leadership in the radio sector. It was born as a repair workshop and began its commercial journey with the sale of reconditioned used cars, participating in all the trade fairs in the national territory. Great was the experience of human contact with the consumer, knowing the Italian amateur radio realities and enhancing direct contact with customers gave the company the opportunity to create an important "thread", which retained the customer in many cases by accompanying him towards a relationship of friendship and trust. The first corporate marketing operations were in those years.

Where the internet age was just a dream far from being realized, CSY created its first "second-hand sales bulletins" which it sent to all its customers through the postal service. Almost thirty years later, some customers still jealously keep these nice relics.

The need to be able to have direct contact with its customers, constantly and not only at trade fairs, motivated CSY to open its first store. Thus the customer was born not only the opportunity to buy at the store, but also to meet with other radio amateurs for a coffee and a chat. It was a success. Meeting for an exchange of experiences, without any obligation to purchase, but only to cultivate that Ham Spirit, a tangible sign of the true radio amateur, was appreciated by many. Even today CSY & SON reserves an area of ​​its showroom for the meeting and exchange of ideas between OM and supporters, as well as for wishes for the holidays.

The company continued its growth but it was at its peak that the very traumatic birth of SON forced CSY to reluctantly leave its radio business for a period. Having overcome the difficulties of the family, CSY returned to his business more charged than ever. To strengthen his office were the loyal customers and friends who had never abandoned him. His enthusiasm reached its peak when the passion transmitted by DNA to his son Marco, "Son", made him follow in his footsteps with great enthusiasm.

Commitment, sacrifices, great professionalism and the will to keep up with the times have allowed the achievement of great results.

CSY & SON is proud to have successfully crossed its geographical borders and to offer its experience, not only in the sale of used equipment, but also in the diffusion as a European distributor of a leading brand in the sector, Yaesu. She is also proud to have upgraded her laboratory to become an Official Yaesu Service Center.

Our mission

CSY & SON European leader in the sector is committed to offering its customers its experience, commitment and professionalism to be able to give them a product suited to their needs and meet their expectations. A happy "Old Man" is a friend.

Our principles

The principles of our company are for the total benefit of its customers and we can summarize them as follows:

- Assurance on the quality and safety of the brands sold.

- Respect and seriousness: we offer it through all our staff and we hope to receive it also from all our interlocutors.

- Commercial commitment to prompt information to our customers of all the news and changes in the markets of our brands.

Our business areas

Technical area

Our technical area controls the quality of the goods, organizes and coordinates the movement of both incoming and outgoing material. We use certified control processes, each device that enters our laboratory for technical assistance is cataloged and managed with bar tracking up to the exit test. The equipment used is of the latest generation and with Yaesu we have a high quality operating standard with certified procedures.

Communication and marketing area

In the communication area, the commercial and marketing functions are carried out in order to enhance the marketed brand. It is the spokesperson for external relations. This sector has a crucial function of studying and disseminating the products handled, planning and choosing the distribution channels as well as offers and sales to both the consumer and the trade in order to achieve company objectives. He is personally followed by the company management who develops ideas and all new initiatives.

Finance area

In the finance area, the preparation of the financial plan takes place, the coordination of relations with dealers, customers and banks, and the preparation of the financial statements. Last but not least, he agrees with Yaesu on the annual budget and the objectives to be achieved, this delicate and particular function is now personally managed by our sole administrator.