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With 5-Year Warranty CSY & SON

FTM-500D 50W, C4FM/FM, 144/430MHz, Dual Band Digital Mobile Transceiver. The FTM-500D shares the Yaesu core features, utilizing the latest C4FM Digital technology with many new features and improvements.


C4FM/FM digital and analog dual band VHF/UHF transceiver, with 50W RF power output and a 66 channel high speed GPS. Equipped with high resolution 2-inch QVGA coloured display. Real Dual Band operations thanks to two independent receivers with simultaneous A and B band monitor function in C4FM. WiRES-X connectivity as Portable Digital Node and Fixed Node.

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80 W Heavy-Duty 144 MHz FM VHF transceiver. Absolute reliability, no fans, suitable for extreme use, equipped with a unique DTMF microphone The large 6-digit backlit LCD on the FT-2980E provides excellent visibility.