High-fidelity dual element microphone. 



The new Yaesu M-100 microphone features a design similar to the M-1 top model and features two microphone capsules, a high-quality condenser cap and a dynamic cap.

The capacitor capsule produces a higher overall frequency response - with clear and crisp audio characteristics - while the dynamic capsule offers an improved low and mid frequency frequency response. A set of one-touch buttons on the microphone base allow you to use the two microphone capsules independently or in combination to create the most favorable sound quality for the individual vocal characteristics of each.

Integrated low cut-off (340Hz cut-off, -6dB/octave) and high cut-off (2kHz cut-off, -6dB/octave) controls adjust low/high frequency Audio responses according to user preferences and operating conditions.

The supplied TBC-Treble Boost Cowling (shown top left) further improves vocal response attributes in the important range of 1,000 to 1,500 Hz to develop a penetrating signal with a compact and specific structure. The PTT button activates three Air-Cylinder tubes, which allow a simple and convenient pressing of the keyboard - without a hard click. The insertion of a magnetic switch guarantees a long service life and stable operation. The high visibility ON AIR LED clearly informs the user when the PTT circuit is active.

The supplied microphone cable can be used to power the M-100 by simply connecting compatible Yaesu HF transceivers. Owners of today's Yaesu HF radios can start using this new microphone immediately as an exciting and valuable addition to their current radio. 

Accessories supplied:

  • Microphone cable,
  • Treble Boost Cowling (top right), 
  • User Manual,
  • Warranty card.

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